Outbreak: Undead 2E - The Survival Horror Simulation RPG.

Created by Hunters Books

The 2nd edition to the cult Survival Horror RPG - Outbreak: Undead is here. Play Yourself as a Character and test your Survival Plan!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Days Continue to Turn.
9 months ago – Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 11:07:44 PM

Hello Survivors,

Sorry for the delay in getting an update out to you. We wanted to confirm books we're shipping before sending out a status report. But with that said...



Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition - Survivors Guide started shipping in the US yesterday! We expect you should start getting them within the next few days, up into early next week.


We've sent the order files to our shipping partners in Australia, the books were sent out 8/10 to and while we haven't received confirmation of their arrival yet. They should be their anyday.


The books were shipped out 8/10 to the Canadian Warehouses and while we haven't recieved confirmation of their arrival yet. They should be there anyday.


We expect Europe/Rest of the World should take longer - as this will be our first time shipping products with our new VATS #. However, they were shipped on 8/17 and should take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Then they'll be proceed through customs and sent to the warehouse for distribution.

TLDR: Everything has left our jurisdiction, and hopefully people should start receiving books in the next few weeks. We're VERY excited about you all getting the Survivors Guide, and will give you and update about the other KS products very soon.


In the Meantime, we've got a BETA version of SPEW-AI 2.0 to share with you! It is not dressed in any UI by any means - but functionally it should allow you to create a character at this stage. We're getting the last few details done and should post a link to you soon!



On the first Friday of Every Month, from now until Next August - we'll be posting FREE CONTENT on our DTRPG page (linked from our website) to get you some additional content you can use in your Outbreak: Undead Games!


We'll be posting more info soon (including pictures from GenCon), but that's all for now!

(PS. We'd LOVE for you to post photos of your new books on our instagram

Survivors Guide
10 months ago – Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 10:53:23 PM

Hello Survivors!

This is an update ALL ABOUT the Survivors Guide!

Change of Plans:
After much consideration, we've decided that since the Survivors Guide is done. We'd like to ship that to you first. Once all the other KS items are complete. We'll issue everyone else their ADDITIONAL ITEMS (including the Game Masters Guide - Hopefully by the end of the year.

So GOOD NEWS, if you ordered a Survivors Guide, you should get your copy soon. Everything else should arrive by the end of the year.


So with that said, we've been given word that the SURVIVORS GUIDE should arrive in our US warehouse by the end of this week. We're hoping to send to start Shipping early to mid-next week. 

GenCon Pick up

If you happen to be attending GenCon, feel free to come pick it up at the Renegade (Booth #2207). We'll have enough for any backers, and a small amount for the general public.


Hopefully by now, if your order had included the PDF's - you should have two emails in your inbox. One from DTRPG and one from Backerkit, whatever your choice of download. We hope you enjoy the Survivors Guide.

WORD OF NOTE: We went through A LOT of compression settings, and this was the best compression without losing any quality. It's huge (164 MB) - but rest assured. It has A LOT of elements and graphics, and used to be way bigger.

Update on Projection - Also - SURVIVORS GUIDE
11 months ago – Tue, Jul 03, 2018 at 10:13:44 PM

Hello Survivors!

Time for an update about all things Outbreak: Undead. We'll do our best to give you as much information about EACH of these items as we can!

Bug Out Bag:

We have all of the backpacks in our warehouse, as well as all the Survival Gear packed away. We're just waiting on all the Kickstarter Items to fulfill before we send these out!

Player Mat:

The player mat is finalized and just needs to be sent to the printer. We're waiting on finals from other items so they can be delivered at the same time.

Gear/Weapons/Trait/Loot Decks

We've finalized the "Card List" of each of these decks, and have been designing the cards for a while. Our team had to hire someone SPECIFICALLY to work on these, because of the amount of time they take. But we're about 50% done at this stage, we expect it to go faster now that someone has been assigned to it.

D5! Dice

Dice are done, we've put in an order for them and they should be printed within the next week or so.

Acrylic Tokens

These have been designed, and approved and should start going into production within the next week or so.

Free Content Friday

Is in Development and should start coming NEXT MONTH!

Strain Series: ZomBV and Chimera

Right now they are in 'development', with Chimera a bit farther along than ZomBV - however - both should be moving to Layout within the next month.


Still, in early testing, the developer who was working on the project had to take a 2 months hiatus from it in order to move cross country. We're expecting an update about that soon!

Game Masters Guide

The GMG has started going into the 'layout' process - which means most of it has been written and is now starting to be put into its final book form. This part often takes the longest, and requires the most amount of reviews. However, we're still hoping to make a Q4 delivery for this to wrap up the project. 

Survivors Guide



As you can see, pretty much the only completed item at this stage is the Survivors Guide. So we'd like to go back to our update a month or so back, and consider sending ANYONE who had a Survivors Guide in their order. That first, and then once all other items are completed, send the rest in a second shipment.

More on that in the next update. Just know we're moving forward!

Printing/Production Update
12 months ago – Wed, May 30, 2018 at 11:22:06 PM

Hello Survivors!

It's time for an update! We're excited to share with you some of our milestones and challenges in bringing this product to your door! 

Survivors Guide 

The Survivors Guide is officially off to the Printers! Which means we should be seeing advanced copies of it here in the next few weeks! 

Cards/Token/Mats As we mentioned in our Kids on Bikes project, and in previous updates. Our deal with Renegade Games has opened up new options for Cards/Tokens/Mats for us, all the design is done and we're just sending them off to the printer now. We're hoping they'll hit stateside around the same time as the Survivors Guide. 

SPEW AI 2.0 

Coding is nearly done on this, it's SO MUCH MORE COMPREHENSIVE – Right now we have it so that you can do the SPEW Test, Abilities, Gestalt Advancements – and have it auto-populate into a PDF character sheet ready to print! 

To prepare for this move, we've created www.spewai.com which is where the test currently lives. We'll let you know as soon as it transitions over. 

PDF Copies 

We'll be bookmarking and compressing the Survivors Guide over the next week, then we'll upload it to both DTRPG as well as Backer Kit so you can start getting your hands all over it! We're really excited to share it with you, and sincerely hope you enjoy it!

New Website and ACTION RANGER Community Pages on Facebook!

We've officially transitioned over to our new website: www.huntersentertainment.com. Both Huntersbooks.com and Outbreakundead.com transfer over to this site. It's a great place to get updates on what we're up to!

Also, join our Action Ranger community, and the official Outbreak: Undead page on Facebook! It's really the best place to interact and discuss games/conventions/and other happening (including We're Alive: Frontier).

We're moving along at a steady pace Survivors! Thank you so much for your continued support.

Production Update + First Look of the Survivors Guide PDF!
about 1 year ago – Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 10:12:21 PM

Hello Survivors!

It's been a busy couple of months. But nevertheless, we have some news for you regarding the project! As far as production goes, If you haven't heard, we recently went into a co-publishing agreement with Renegade Games - and that changed how we normally deliver books to the printers. We've had to merge teams, and there have been a few speed bumps in becoming a cohesive organism.   

That being said, I can say without a doubt that the partnership has increased the quality of what we've been able to do with Outbreak: Undead by leaps and miles.  

  • Better access to quality Cards/Dice 
  • Better Logistics Solutions coming from our overseas printing partners 
  • A much bigger/better presence at Conventions to give backers a chance to pick up their pre-orders (including GenCon!) 

We do, however, have some good/bad news to share. 


Frankly, we are behind on delivering the Gamemasters Guide on the estimated Delivery Date on the Kickstarter. We're estimating it'll take another 2-3 months to finish the second book. Pushing the GM's guide into either Q4 2018 or Q1 2019. There are lots of reasons for this, but none of them are things we can change now. We've rushed projects before to make a deadline, and honestly – we don't want to rush this one. We're really proud of what we've put together and want to make sure BOTH books look the best and that you receive the best.

Also, the page count for the Survivors Guide ended up coming in at about 240 (less than the 300 we promised on the KS page), this is mostly because we ended up putting a lot LESS of the Stronghold rules into the SG – in favor of putting it in the Gamemaster Guide. This may end up dropping the MSRP of the book, but details haven't been solidified yet.  


We are not letting the Gamemasters Guide hold up the delivery of the rest of the project. We'll be shipping the Gamemasters Guide separately and eat the cost of double shipping to make sure you get most of your project (including your add-ons) ahead of time. 

If we end up changing the MSRP of the book, we will be looking into providing additional Standard Add-Ons (MSRP $6) to anyone who had a Survivor's Guide included in their pledge. We hope this is a fair compensation for the price difference. Right now a lot is being discussed, but we are always thinking about our backers first.

FIRST LOOK PDF - We need your help!

Very soon, you should be receiving a BACKERS-ONLY update with the information on how to obtain your FIRST LOOK of the Survivors Guide PDF a week before it goes to print! 

If you would like, we are happily receiving last looks/feedback before it goes off and out of our hands. We'll be providing a Google Forms sheet to accept your feedback, so keep an eye out for more details after this update. 

That’s it! 

Thank you again for all your patience, and good-will. We’re VERY proud of this book and are looking forward to getting it into your hands all very soon.